Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

Phil Collins: In The Air Tonight

 The single with which Phil Collins debuted as a singer, songwriter and drummer released in 1981 within the album Face Value.

It quickly rose to the top in the charts in the UK (where it almost replaced Woman by John Lennon at number 1) and internationally, including the US and the Netherlands.

Phil Collins co-produced it with frequent collaborator Hugh Padgham and its video was one of the most played on MTV in 1981, when the channel was launched.

It went on to become one of the most famous and popular hits of the time and of Phil Collins, with the video including a very captivating drum break towards the end, still standing out as a remarkable performance from the British artist.

As described by the artist, this single with dark tones was composed while going through a painful divorce and is filled with anger. It allowed Phil Collins to bring out the emotions he had compressed inside through music, especially the drums, and the lyrics, which he declared spontaneous 99.9% and somewhat scary.
It was used all over on TV shows, films, commercials, video games and even in wrestling, periodically reappearing in some charts, becoming an all-time classic.

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