ELO – 21st Century Man – 1981

21st Century Man by ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) – 1981 UK

21st Century Man is the 5th track of side 2 of the album “Time” by the ELO (Electric Light Orchestra).

Closing in to the epilogue of the concept album, 21st Century Man is a slower and melancholic song, like others in the album, where the protagonist finds himself projected to the end of the 21st Century (2095) from the 1980s and misses the old times where he left his lover. He sadly has to accept and adapt to the new life, but not without sad memories from the past.

This song is also known for a little trick to link 21st Century Man to the following Hold on Tight. The same is also used between Twilight and Yours Truly 2095.

In this song, the man from 1981 now in 2095 comes to terms with the situation he is in and tries to fit in with everyone else. He realises how lucky he is with such astonishing technology of the future but still filled with sorrow because of what he left behind in 1981, namely his wife. But even though he tries to fit in he can’t and will not be able to, so he finally comes to terms with it.

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