Silent Circle – Touch in the Night – 1985

Official Video of Touch in the Night by Silent Circle – West Germany 1980

“Touch In The Night” by early 1980s West German band Silent Circle (Drums – Jürgen Behrens, Lyrics By – Axel Breitung, Bernd Dietrich, Engelbert Simons, Keyboards – Axel Breitung, Music By – Axel Breitung, Producer – Bernd Dietrich, Engelbert Simons, Vocals – Martin Tychsen) is a high energy and very danceable song with a time signature of 4 beats per bar and a fast tempo of 123 bpm.

The song was written by Silent Circle keyboardist, Axel Breitung with German songwriters Bernd Dietrich and Engelbert Simons.

It was released as the band’s 2nd single in December 1985 with “Lost In Your Light…” on the B-side.

“Touch In The Night” was a perfect example of one of the prevailing styles of music of the time, synth-pop and more specifically, euro-disco (some would say italo-disco). In any case, a great international hit. It’s definitely a classic of synth-pop.

It peaked at #15 in Germany and #16 in Switzerland. The song was featured on Silent Circle’s 1986 debut album “No.1” alongside another 10 songs. It’s the most famous song of the group and that brought them to international attention and success.

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