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DJ Noisy

DJ Noisy

DJ Noisy is a DJ who turned so passionate about music and especially music on vinyl, in the glorious 1980s, when music had a personality that is hard to match.

At the peak of the British creativity and huge production of quality music, his connections to England allowed him to further spread the love for 1980s music and musical culture in Italy, where he still resides.

Although he moved on to focus on other genres of music further expanding his musical knowledge and repertoire, he still embraces and proudly nurtures his strong love and passion for a musical era which was never challenged up until now.

He also still strongly believes in keeping the tradition of vinyl alive and uses such records in his performances taking from a huge collection, which was once even larger until someone decided to take numerous records without being authorized to do so…sad things happen sometimes, but don’t let them get in the way of your passion!

Go vinyl, go eighties!