A-ha – Take On Me – 1984

Released in 1984, “Take on me” is a song by Norwegian synth-pop band A-ha, recorded for the album “Hunting high and low”. It reached #1 song on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1985, the only one in the top 100 by the band in the US. It also reached #2 in the UK.

The video is very well recognized. It was so impactful that it’s an established symbol of 1980s music. The shoot was in London in the then called Kim’s Cafe’, now Savoy Cafe’ (corner of Wandsworth Road and Pensbury Place, London SW8).

The animation used in the famous video, is a pencil-sketch and live-action combination called rotoscoping.

The video posted above is a 4k video restoration of the original (which was actually a second version of a much different prior one).

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