Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

Starship: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

It was one of the most sold singles of 1987. It’s an uplifting song in the form of a duet featuring Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas, co-written by Alber Hammond and Diane Warren, recorded by the American rock band Starship. It had huge success in the US and UK (and Canada) where it hit the top of the charts and in many other countries, especially European.
The award winning single was the theme for a comedy film and was included on the Starship’s album No Protection of 1987.
The song is associated to the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL as it was used as an empowering song for the players, who won the Stanley Cup, all in 1993.
It was also used in a similar fashion in the NBA (by the Portland Trail Blazers in 1990).
Further use in heavy advertising propelled it back to number 39 in the UK in 2013.
It’s also featured in films and other advertising campaigns.